Make data visualization part of everyday work

Empower user with business intelligence through Domo's intuitive dashboards.

Make data exploration easier.

Transform raw data into visualizations that make it easier to interpret and quickly find answers to business questions.

Share insights easily.

Interactive dashboards can be easily shared and explored by multiple people. Responsive design means visualizations automatically adapt to the viewer's device.

Go from reactive to proactive.

Automatically alert users when their relevant data changes or thresholds are reached.

Enable data storytelling.

Transform raw data into easy-to-understand visualization to make data-driven decisions.

Create curated data stories to share data, content, and insights through a connected narrative.

Explore your data with interactive filtering to quickly find answers to a business question.

Build live visualizations in minutes with over 150 chart types and over 7000 custom maps.

Unleash self-service data analytics.

Provide real-time business intelligence at speed and scale with Domo's cloud-native platform- while maintaining governance and control.

  • Empower business users to visualize and analyze data while minimizing labor-intensive BI tasks.

  • Brings all your data across sources together into one, unified view so everyone can see the full picture with one source of data truth.